Weather in Lagos – What you need to know

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The Algarve is blessed with a glorious climate of hot summers and pleasantly warm springs and autumns. The summer months of southern Portugal are characterised by their hot dry weather, with temperatures reaching a maximum of 35C.

The Spring and Autumn seasons are bright and sunny, and the Algarve boasts over 3,000 hours of sun a year (compared to 1,450 hours for London, 1,840 for Paris or 2,150 hours for New York). Temperatures in Lagos are suitable for spending time on the beach from early May through to mid-October.

Batata Beach

Winters are mild, but the weather can be unpredictable with an equal number of good or bad weather days. Lagos has a large permanent population, therefore most restaurants and bars remain open year-round, while certain tourist services reduce through the winter. The winter is a great time of year for a hiking, cycling or touring holiday.


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